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Al Junaibi International Oil & Gas SPC. at Nimr and South Oman.
Al Junaibi International Oil & Gas SPC. at Nimr and South Oman.

About Us

We are proud to say that Al Junaibi International Oil & Gas SPC. is one among the leading Oil field services in Oman. The management of Al Junaibi international oil and gas SPC is firmly committed to Health Safety and the protection of the Environment. This also includes employees of its Sub Contractors and others who may be affected by its activities. In order to ensure that this commitment is maintained, the following essential duties are envisaged:

Ensuring that management decisions are consistent with the stated HSE policy and its objectives.

Keeping HSE Issues as top priority in the agenda of all management meeting. Investigating, reporting and follow up of all HSE incidents by senior management team.

The operation of the company shall be conducted in a manner to minimize detriment to the environment. Disposal of waste shall be efficiently controlled.

The Company shall maintain the safety standard through training and encouraging interests and enthusiasm in safe working. The personnel responsibility for the safety rests with line management of the company and safety is considered as prime factor in its duties in a manner to achieve Zero accidents.

The Company shall comply with all the laws and regulations of the sultanate of Oman in particular to the oil and gas industry and willingly co-operate with those responsible for enforcing them.

The company's team consists of qualified, experienced and trained staff as well as Petroleum Development Oman Standards such as Permit Applicant, HSE advisor, Engineers and Technicians to ensure that safe and high quality services are delivered to our clients. Our staff & team are highly motivated and are efficient to do the jobs as perfectly as possible with specified quality and high standard of safety. We keep up the time management as we accomplish the assigned targets in the given time frame specified by clients.