Environmental Objectives

Safety Objectives of the company

Environmental objectives

The company is committed to the conservation of the environment because of which it has been comply with the ISO 14000 standard which states to promote effective environmental management systems in the organizations. Adhering to the standard may result in better conformance to environmental regulations, greater marketability, and better use of resources, higher quality goods and services, increased levels of safety, improved image and increased profits.

Following are the principles that the company has taken under the environmental policy:

  • Promoting an environmental culture through an awareness program that aims to develop environmental friendly attitudes and promote understanding, and the acceptance of environmental responsibilities among employees.
  • Reduce or eliminate the production of waste through efficient use/reuse of raw material, energy, or other sources, and through environmentally sound waste management.
  • Reduce as low as reasonably practicable the noise in our work area.
  • The operation of the company shall be conducted in a manner to minimize detriment to the environment. Disposal of waste shall be efficiently controlled.