HSE Meetings

HSE Meetings

The company conducts HSE meetings to review the contract/overall HSE performance. There will be quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily meetings held in the company under the guidance of the respective officers.

Quarterly HSE Meeting

This meeting will be held every three months under the chairmanship of the Chairman & Managing Director. This will be attended by senior management staff and HSE advisors. The actions identified in the meeting will be sent to the concerned department head.

HSE Meeting In Al Junaibi South Oman

Monthly Management HSE Meeting

The Monthly Management HSE meeting is to be held at the site office and chaired by the Site Management together with the (Project team) HSE Advisors, Discipline Engineers, Supervisors, Subcontractors and LCCs. The actions identified in the minutes of meeting will be highlighted and distributed.

Weekly Meeting at Al Junaibi Nimr

Weekly Meeting/Gate Meeting

Meeting shall be held at the Site premises by the Worksite Supervisors/HSE Advisor on a weekly basis. All employees shall attend the meeting. Learning points of STOP Records, incidents, safety alerts and other HSE information shall be communicated to all employees.

Daily Toolbox Talk Meeting at Al Junaibi Office

Daily Toolbox Talk Meeting

Daily Toolbox Talk Meeting shall be conducted by worksite supervisors/foreman/charge hands at every site. These will be conducted at the start of the work shift to give the opportunity to everybody involved to talk and raise concerns when required and to ensure understanding of risks associated with the work to be carried out.

The tool box talk leader will ensure elimination of aggressiveness and intimidation that could discourage participants understanding of the points being discussed. The tool box talk leader should also encourage participation to ask questions. HEMP must be included in all tool box talks. Guides for toolbox talk have already been issued to worksite supervisors, foremen and charge hands.

Al Junaibi HSE Meetings at Nimr & South Oman