QHSE Plans

QHSE Plans

Rabua Nimr Trading and Services Company’s (Al Junaibi) aims at providing a safe work environment for all employees, subcontractors, partners and suppliers. Al Junaibi has prepared this Health, Safety and Environmental Plan (HSE).

This plan not only supports the contract documents and corporate HSE plans, but it also helps:

  • To set clear HSE targets, expectations and objectives for managing Health, Safety, and Environment
  • To provide a systematic approach to manage HSE as per activities and services associated with the scope of work in this Contract
  • To monitor continuously the performance through a specific Audit and plan review.

The objective of this plan is to drive HSE improvement in this contract in a consistent manner and to ensure that the HSE performance targets set out in the following section of this plan are achieved through the action items planned. These targets have been set so as to be in line with PDO expectations to obtain the ‘Goal Zero’.

The HSE Plan shall be reviewed and monitored monthly by the Health, Safety and Environmental Supervisor.